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Since Strohwig first opened its doors in 1978, we have been providing superior Injection Molds,
Die Cast Dies, Custom Machining and Forging Dies to our customers.

Continual expansion and investment in the latest technology has made Strohwig one of the largest and most productive shops in the country. Our ISO 9001 certification, combined with our responsive customer service,
give us a unique advantage in the industry.

As we continue to lead as one of the nation’s most progressive tooling and machining manufacturers, our goal is clearly defined: Deliver customers solutions by investing in the equipment, technology and manpower needed
to create a top quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Strohwig Industries is one of North Americas largest Machining, Tool and Die companies. With our 200,000 square
foot facility and the ability to handle up to 75 tons, Strohwig is poised to handle some of the largest machining
in the industry.

At Strohwig we pride ourselves in placing the customer first, helping them to achieve their goals and giving them a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

We also place a high priority on our employees. We believe that a satisfied and highly skilled employee equals greater customer satisfaction. We do this through competitive wages and a focus on growth and constant education.

That is the Strohwig Advantage…

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- Strohwig Industries is dedicated to producing a high quality product -

One advantage of having a diverse equipment list is the ability to accomplish virtually any custom machining job. From strict requirements of the aerospace industry to large capacity forging dies and die cast dies, Strohwig produces it all.

Our 200,000 square foot facility is equipped with a crane capacity that can handle up to 75 tons and the latest highspeed machining technology. We are ISO 9001 certified with a fully equipped quality control inspection division.

Our facility houses some of the latest high speed 5 axis machining centers with up to 65 feet of travel as well as Gundrills and EDM machines.
Strohwig’s machine operators have over 800 years of combined experience and continue their education and growth throughout their career, this continual education process keeps our staff on the cutting edge of their fields and because of this ongoing dedication, it has propelled our company to the top of our industry.

Our highly trained quality control staff ensures you receive a finished product that meets or exceeds your standards. Large to small, Strohwig can handle your custom machining needs.

Our work in the automotive, mining, wind power and tool & die fields has given us the ability to work with projects that require the highest precision and quality.

Strohwig Industries focuses on achieving total customer satisfaction through a modern approach based on traditional values.

From initial design to engineering, to final production, Strohwig delivers molds in less time with exceptional quality. ISO 9001 certification ensure that each mold is built to stringent standards.

Experienced craftsmanship, enhanced by state of the art machining capabilities, creates the finest injection and structural foam molds available. Strohwig engineers use their extensive experience, along with the latest hardware and software, to design molds that reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

Our diverse offering of equipment fulfills the full range of machining necessary for high quality tool creation.

High-speed carbon machining centers are used to create our own electrodes for the EDMs.
In-house machining of electrodes maintains quality and shortens lead times. All sinking EDMs are CNC controlled and can run unattended after initial setup.

High speed machining centers offer up to 5-axis milling and extremely tight tolerances. This allows molds to be designed and developed with interchangeable components, which saves money and enhances in-house efficiency.

CNC boring bars are capable of more than 65′ of horizontal travel. The programmable rotary table provides for multi-axis boring without moving the mold. Structural foam molds are built with aluminum and special linear motor machining centers speed production of these molds.

Dedicated equipment such as this gives Strohwig the advantage of being extremely flexible and responsive.

In-house plastic injection molding gives Strohwig the advantage of complete sampling and short run production. Lab facilities confirm adherence to customer specifications.

When clients receive a Strohwig mold, it has been fully tested and is ready to enter the production flow.

Our technically advanced facility and skilled work force, combined with our ISO certification, guarantees that a die cast die produced by Strohwig exceeds your most demanding requirements.

Our wide range of equipment is designed to handle the creation of robust dies that yield repeatable, reliable casting at your production facility. Because our new machines preserve tight tolerances, less hand fitting is needed. The result is a more precise die with better interchangeability.

The core of Strohwig’s ability to create high quality Die Cast Dies comes from it’s strong workforce. Our Die Cast specialists have a wide range of knowledge and continual investment in their future ensures that Strohwig will maintain being a leader in Die Cast Die manufacturing.

To ensure productive and efficient product sampling, our technicians are sent to your facility for final casting.

High speed machining centers and equipment such as a 5-axis horizontal boring mill allow Strohwig to produce some of the largest dies in the industry.
Cranes, equipment, floor space, and storage are all designed to effectively work with these massive projects.

All dies are inspected for quality and integrity before leaving our facility.

Strohwig Industries specializes in providing close tolerance, high volume forge tool components you require.

With our CNC manufacturing capabilities we produce forging dies that our customers count on for product reliability, quality and repeatability. Our dies are made to your specifications.

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and CAD / CAM enable us to engineer and manufacture precision tools for your company.

Our rigid in-house control of tooling tolerances have given Strohwig a reputation for producing high quality forging dies.

Rather than replacing a damaged die, some dies can be welded and then EDM’d to the original shape, thereby providing a cost-effective alternative to making a new die.

At Strohwig, our fast turn-a-around forging die repair services can reduce your company’s downtime.

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